Workman's Comp
covers Yoga

Workman's Comp covers yoga as a healing modality.

In a patient's post-acute phase of treatment while transitioning to life with a chronic pain diagnosis, yoga therapy has been an underutilized but extremely powerful and sustainable part of recovery.  


If you are working with a claim, you can empower yourself to take charge of your pain now.  Yoga Therapy is done in a one-on-one setting, necessarily individualized with protocols to be done immediately and into the future.  This mind/body solution is proven to manage and reduce pain and get you back to your active and vital self.  

Get a referral from your provider

In the state of California MTUS guidelines recommend Yoga for motivated patients with chronic pain for improved pain control, conditioning, and flexibility, with negligible adverse effects.  Ask your doctor for 6 initial sessions as part of your treatment plan and learn valuable skills to better manage your pain.  Learn practices involving sensation, mindfulness and movement.  

Dena has much experience with workman's comp patients, and knows how to facilitate the process. She is well versed in the administrative needs of all parties involved and plays an integral role within your health care team to communicate progress to your clinician and insurance provider.

Dena takes physician referrals, tailoring the patient's sessions to get them back to work, improve range of motion, enhance activities of daily living and most importantly improve the pain experience.  She works collaboratively with other providers, coordinating their care whenever possible.