Comprehensive Pain Management

Yoga Therapy, Lifestyle Modification & Pain Education: an integrative approach
YOGA THERAPY incorporates highly effective mind/body techniques to rehabilitate the nervous system and reduce pain.  It is truly the best way to self-manage long term pain.

LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION tackles behavioral factors contributing to your pain experience. Be empowered to regain meaningful activities and ignite your healing process.  This creates a measurable improvement on the pain response system!

PAIN EDUCATION is a necessary component of rehabilitating the brain to decrease pain.  Presentations and exercises are incorporated into this comprehensive treatment.  All pain is an output of the brain and often does not correlate to damage in the body, despite procedures and surgeries performed. 

Group rates are available for 3+ participants.  Program incorporates mind/body nervous system rehabilitation work, group health coaching and pain education. 

8-week suggested course, which can be adjusted per the needs and budget of the group.  Duration and intensity to be considered as dictated by participants

My powerful integrative approach combines mind and body medicine with positive behavior change.  We will work head on with your pain and discover techniques to lessen your body's pain response.  The Comprehensive Pain Program shares brain science research, mindfulness theory & practices, pain patient testimonies and improved outcomes resulting from this combination of therapy.  Pain specialists know that healing happens by empowering the patient with the tools to learn and live, once and for all, the following mantra: "I AM NOT MY PAIN."

NPR news report: a multidisciplinary approach to pain is proven better than pills

"Ms. Saedi’s contribution to our Pain School program offered valuable real-life experiential learning and tangible take-home tools for our patients. She also offered access to one-on-one sessions for our program participants which enabled some patients to further advance in their grasp of the tools we offered. By incorporating Dena’s work into our program, we had the beneficial option of prescribing yoga therapy sessions providing focused guidance on mindful movement/functional restoration oriented work beyond the class setting."

                                                                                                                                                      --Pain School Director

"All-in-all, I am pleased with my quality of life compared to 5 months ago.  It has taken feeling well to recognize how far I have come.  Granted there is much yet to do, but I do feel the swing from pain and anxiety ruling me, to ME dictating how much I will let those things affect me."                                                                                               --Emily