Lifestyle Modification to combat pain 

Grow your internal locus of control

"What really sets Dena apart, though, is her understanding of pain neuroscience and behavioral change, and how she is able to incorporate motivational interviewing and change readiness to partner with the patient to improve both their pain experience and to make important lifestyle changes for their health."                                                     

                                                                      --Dr. Caldwell D.O.

Pain specialists who are following current research know for certain that patient engagement is paramount to decreasing one's pain response and regaining control over one's life.  My patient-fueled behavioral model of treatment respects each person's unique priorities.  Engagement leading to efficacy is the goal, and health coaching is THE proven method used today in behavioral science to reach that goal.  Patients learn to value their own power in the healing process, meaningful activities are recovered, and as a result the brain's threat detection system which produces pain, is weakened.  Such meaningful activities can range from activities of daily living to travel to skiing...always to be determined by the individual.  

The instruction given is not counseling but a structured step-by-step protocol to empower the student.  Ongoing support is provided and improvements are by degree, no radical benefit is usually seen for a single lifestyle change, rather a collection of small changes are extremely likely to lead to an improvement in one's pain experience. 

Each person is going to have unique challenges, a different rate of progress and various goals, and they do not all fall into the wellness categories listed below.  This program works beautifully either in a group setting or administered individually.  The question to ask yourself is what has pain taken away from you? And are you ready to take it back?

Nutrition & Weight loss may be an important part of minimizing pain in one's healing journey and enabling your meaningful activities of choice.  Perhaps the patient had been prescribed excessive rest after an initial injury which led to substantial weight gain. I have successfully coached hundreds of clients to lose weight.  You will learn your triggers, get educated on food macronutrients, inflammatory foods,  meal plans, factors of metabolism and create an individualized nutrition plan that works for you.

Fitness is an integral part of a healthy and happy life.  We know that a sedentary lifestyle is more damaging to our health than smoking.  Whether you are rehabilitating from an injury, have struggled with chronic pain for years physical fitness can invigorate your healing process.  More movement (and the correct movement) is a highly effective catalyst to lessen pain.  Through guidance, support and accountability we are much more capable to reach our movement goals together. 

Stress Management and establishing priorities will reflect positive changes in your pain experience.  The physiological effects of stress keep us in fight or flight mode, and exacerbates pain.  As a pain educator, mindfulness instructor and stress management expert we can together plant the seeds of self compassion to live with less pain.

Dena is a certified Wellness Coach with Wellcoaches endorsed by the ACSM, and takes a highly personalized, holistic approach in guiding clients.