One-on-one Yoga Therapy Sessions

Specialized Practices & Movement for Seniors

The benefits of yoga extend well beyond regular exercise and improve flexibility, strength, balance, agility, heart health, joint health, decrease anxiety and balance your nervous system.  And very importantly, brain health, which is a major factor in chronic conditions which afflict the elderly.  


Our brains are fed by a network of nerves and throughout the normal aging process these nerves will shrink and weaken with age.  Nerves transport information from our organs and all systems of the body to the brain.  Unfortunately the aging process often leads to increases in inflammation,  and decreases in sensorimotor processing, postural control and circulation.  There is evidence to show that compromised circulation can lead to memory loss and early onset dementia.  

So how can we prevent or slow the progression of the aging process and the chronic conditions we find in the elderly?  Doing yoga loosens muscles and fascia which restrict nerves.  Our flexibility slowly decreases as we age, and is exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle.  Our muscle fibers shrink and lose mass, and our connective tissue (fascia) dries out. In addition, the tendons and ligaments in our body lose water content and therefore become stiffer.  Furthermore, there is a natural breakdown of cartilage even for those who do not suffer from arthritis, coupled by inflammation in the joints.  Such inflammation reduces our range of motion, and can be painful and restrict movement.  

How can we decrease swelling and bring nutrition to our joints?  Gentle yoga movements which are non weight-bearing but strengthening to the muscles and healing to the nervous system.  With a prescribed practice with a certified Yoga Therapist motor skills and postural control can be improved. The beneficial results of this work very much extends to brain health as seen through much scientific evidence in the realm of our brain's plasticity and our ability to change and heal.  There is nothing more detrimental than a sedentary lifestyle.  Treat yourself or your loved one to a new way of being, actively growing healthier and more empowered despite the number of years lived.  

“Yoga, of course, is so much more than postures, and its real power lies in the domain of mind training, and self-transformation.”


                       --Georg Feurerstein

One should be prepared to commit to a minimum of 3-5 initial meetings to create a shift, goals are established during the first session. 

Video conferencing is available

Tao Porchon-Lynch is the world's oldest yoga teacher, just celebrated her 100th birthday and still teaches in New York

"Dena' s rich and extensive knowledge and experience with the healing properties of yoga helped strengthen my practice on many levels. By discussing and experimenting with different modifications for poses, I became more comfortable with listening to the pain and limitations that injuries and surgeries had presented me with. When I presented an interest in deepening the spiritual dimension of my practice, Dena facilitated my request beautifully. I would highly recommend Dena as a teacher and yoga therapist."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 --Nancy