Compassionate Movement for Dementia

Customized mind/body strengthening exercise and relaxation for your loved one

Exercise is the number one activity prescribed by clinicians for dementia at all stages, and studies show that mindfulness practices are directly linked to slowing the disease.  Therapeutic yoga is a combination of strength work, mindful movement and other restorative mind/body techniques which are proven to slow down shrinking in the brain regions altered by neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers.  

Elders who suffer from memory loss on the spectrum from mild cognitive impairment to full blown dementia can benefit from assisted movement sessions with a trained yoga therapist.  There is an initial intake process, stress and anxiety level assessment, and appropriately prescribed movements for balance, strength, and agility.  The yoga practices for dementia focus on improving blood flow to the brain and decreasing inflammation.  Patients report feeling refreshed and restored after a Yoga Therapy session and caregivers are welcome to join the session so that they can learn appropriate movements to assist with as a daily practice. 


Study finds Yoga more effective than memory training for dementia

Depending on the the degree of memory loss, private sessions are most times preferable. 

Establishing a connection between the therapist and patient is crucial towards keeping your loved one engaged and empowered throughout the session and for the days when the therapist does not visit.  Sessions are extremely customized, and always maintain the goals of engagement, fitness and discovery so that it can be an enjoyable respite for the client.    

Very short video from the Alzheimers Association

In-Service Demos Available

  • Yoga for Dementia

  • Yoga for Caregivers

  • Simple Yoga taught to caregivers in residential dementia facilities to be administered to patients individually and in small groups