Mind/Body Cancer Rehab

Yoga Therapy, Strength Training, Lifestyle Design, and Mindfulness

  • Re-establish trust in your body and join us today!

  • Stretch, strengthen, challenge your cardio performance and practice stress management techniques in every session

  • Health coaching for area of wellness where the biggest impact can be made 

  • Opportunity for social interaction in a positive and supportive environment, with others who are fighting or have fought cancer

Ganesha: remover of obstacles

Mind/Body Rehab for Cancer is an 8-week program, participants meets once (or twice) weekly to rebuild the body, mind and spirit after cancer treatment.  The goal is to essentially empower oneself through healing practices and exercise.  

Cancer is a disease of the immune system and highly effected by other systems of the body.  Mind/Body Cancer Rehab incorporates practices to build strength, heal the nervous system and calm the mind, which in turn improves immune system function.

Exercise and yoga are known to help minimize the detrimental side effects of cancer treatment, and have been proven to decrease fatigue and joint pain, and improve sleep and quality of life. These activities are being offered at cancer centers around the world. Through health coaching we work with lifestyle and habits, as this is an important part of cancer survivorship.  Some risk factors include high body mass index (BMI), tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, and excessive use of alcohol. Chronic stress and depression are also very much implicated as risk factors for cancer.  

There should be a minimum of 5 participants to start a new Mind/Body Cancer Rehab group, but if we are between sessions or you prefer to do it on your own all the same components can be included with individual therapy.  


Contact Dena to learn about the upcoming trainings and how you can make a committment to yourself today!